OVER & UNDER / May 21 - July 16, 2021 / Spalding Nix Fine Art / Atlanta, Georgia
Two Day Socially Distanced Reception:  Friday, May 21, 12-7 p.m. & Saturday, May 22, 12-4 p.m.
The exhibition includes the following work: 
Dawn Chorus - a gouache on paper diptych based on spring morning twilight colors that Thad and I observed while looking up into trees full of singing birds.  Thad named the painting before I made it.
Zinnias - an installation of laser-cut plywood shapes painted with acrylic.  The shapes are based on contour line drawings of zinnias, and this idea has been turning in my imagination since I made the zinnia drawings TWENTY years ago.  Each shape is unique.  The unity and variety that caught my attention then still fascinates me - as does the cumulative nature of my work.
Schoolhouse Falls - an oil painting on panel based on time spent hiking with friends in beautiful Cashiers, NC.  I made stencils for the the painting based on Thad's photographs of blooming native rhododendron and galax.  The painting is structured to feel a bit like I felt standing in the cool mist with ferns and mosses behind the waterfall and looking through it into the bright summer sky.
Mary Moore's Roses, Mama's Spirea, Chadwick Clematis, Olivia Rose Austin Rose, Posy from Ann Abadie's Garden, Aunt Polly's Camellias, and Viburnum - graphite on paper drawings from some of my favorite people's places.  Actual scale line drawings like these are a way of marking time for me.  I use their silhouettes to make the stencils I use in my paintings.
Shadows - Redbud, Shadows - Cherry, and Shadows - Dogwood - gouache on paper.  Shadow drawings are another way that I love to work with plant silhouettes.  The air is full of foliage-shaped shadows.  Clouds soften their intricate edges, and the sun's movement makes them stretch and slant.  Something about catching these ephemeral shapes on white watercolor paper and tracing their edges makes me wonderfully aware of turning with the earth in broader vastness.  That said, because of gray skies and wind, I chose to make these three drawings in the studio.
Daffodils - a gouache painting on paper.  This watercolor is smaller because I only used daffodil stencils to make it.  I am thankful for the people who filled our yard with daffodil bulbs.  Their yellows are so hopeful in early spring.
Easter Song - a gouache on paper diptych.  The colors and spring flowers in this painting remind me of going to my grandmother's garden on Easter Sunday mornings to gather a bouquet that she would carefully wrap with a wet paper towel then tin foil.  I loved adding it to the exuberant flowered cross outside of our church each year.
Spring Hymn - a gouache on paper triptych.  I wanted the colors in this painting to reach from deep backlit violets and stormy blue gray greens to buoyant yellow greens and gentle lavenders - like the reaching from collective struggle to hope. 
Spring Garden - a five panel gouache on paper painting.  Spring Garden stretched almost completely through my workspace when I was making it.  I dream about making REALLY large paintings - painted environments.  Spring Garden is a step in that direction.  The season unfolds early spring to late left to right.
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